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 Silabaal® is a foliar fertilizer produced on the basis of naturally occurring calcites.
The special processing of this natural product enables the treated plant to absorb the “calcite” (calcium carbonate). In the leaf, the decomposition of the calcium carbonate takes place and carbon dioxide (Co2) is released.
The “additional” carbon dioxide released in
this way, which is made available to the plant, contributes significantly to optimising the process of photosynthesis in the plant.
Furthermore, it can be observed that there is an obvious improvement of the cell structures and strengthening of the cell membranes within the
plant. This is probably due to the presence of additional calcium and also explains – besides the strengthening of the plant through the optimisation of photosynthesis – the observed reduced susceptibility to pests and diseases.
This significantly increases the plant’s vitality and resistance to stress factors (lack of water, diseases, pests).
The advantages
😀 😀 Use of only small quantities required
(< 10 kg/ha and year)
😀 Shortening of the growing season by 10 up to 30 %
😀 Better quality of the fruits (e.g. storage time is increased)
😀 Improvement of the resistance of the plant against fungi, insects and plant diseases
😀 Reduction of drought stress during water shortage (reduction of water consumption of up to 70 %)
😀 Reducing the salinization of soils
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