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 CO2 plays a decisive role in the growth of the plant.
In simple terms, the use of Silabaal® creates an optimal climate for the plant with a high CO2 content in the plant to enable it to perform photosynthesis.
The normal concentration of CO2 in the air is approx. 340 ppm (parts per million).
Compared to ideal conditions without carbon dioxide enrichment, harvest can be up to 50 % higher
when sufficient CO2 is applied.
If the CO2 content in the air is increased to 500 ppm, the plant grows 15 to 20 % faster.
With an increase to 700 ppm, the growth rate is even increased by up to 40.
Compared to an undersupplied plant even up to 80 %.
At 1,000 ppm, it can become 50 %, above this level, it does not add any value, but also does no harm.
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