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Mode of action (short description)
 1. Silabaal® is very soluble in water. The powder should, as far as possible, be dissolved completely in the water. Deposits / residues in the solution should be avoided.
2. No special requirements are placed on the water to be used. Suspended particles / impurities should be avoided as far as possible, otherwise problems may occur during the spraying process (clogging).
3. It is recommended to dissolve Silabaal® in water by vigorous stirring (at least 5 minutes).
4. Silabaal® is mixed with water in a ratio of 0.5 %, i.e. 1 kg Silabaal® to 200 l water. For certain plant species, a mixing ratio of 0.3 % is also sufficient.*
5. Apply 60 l of water/Silabaal® mixture per 1,000 m2 area.
6. Commercially available spraying systems can be used for
spraying. The nozzles should produce a fine mist.
7. For spraying early morning and evening hours are preferred. Direct intense sunlight should be avoided when applying the Silabaal® mixture.
8. Avoid windy and rainy days when spraying. This could significantly reduce the efficacy of Silabaal®.
9. Normally, Silabaal® is applied to the plant 3 times per growing season (90 to 100 days) at an interval of approximately 20 days.
The cycle can also be reduced to 15 days if necessary.*
10. If the growing season for certain plants exceeds 100 days, Silabaal® can also be applied up to 5 times per growing season.*
11. If the plants to be treated are trees or perennials (olives, cherries, etc.), Silabaal® can also be applied up to 5 times per growing season.*
12. For conventional crops the first application of Silabaal® is made after the leaves sprout.
For fruit crops the first application of Silabaal® takes place before flowering.
13. The frequency of application is based on the visual con- dition of the plant. Our team will be able to support the customer at any time in the decision-making process.
14. Simultaneous applications of crop protection agents should be avoided if possible. Silabaal® already increa- ses the resilience of most crops. Should the need arise, however, contact our team and apply the plant protection agents at different times and as sparingly as possible.
15. The use of conventional fertilizers in addition to Silabaal® is not required in temperate climates. This also applies to most tropical areas. If any questions arise regarding the climate you want to use Silabaal®, please contact our team. As we will be able to supply more detailed information tailored to the customers needs.
* If you have any further questions, please contact our team.
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